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Guinness Book of Records – English Ticket


During American Sunday, Sunday, October 8, 2023, an official attempt will be made at the record of more than 451 RAMs in parade.

This record is held by RAM (USA) since April 18, 2015 in Arlington, Texas, USA. ( SOURCE )

Do you have a RAM and want to participate in the record attempt? Then you can order tickets this way. It is a special online offer for EUR 20, which includes:

  • Entrance for the driver, RAM and 1 passenger worth EUR 32.50
  • Access to the circuit during the Record Attempt worth EUR 25

The timetable follows.

If you also want to take a 3rd/4th or 5th passenger on the back seat, this option is EUR 10 extra entrance. We do not look at the age of the passengers.

Because we want to make a serious effort, we try to make it as interesting as possible for you to be there. In any case, you have access to the American Sunday event all day long and we will be present with our stand, which in itself offers a lot of fun.

Do not forget to state the registration number of the RAM with your registration. We are therefore looking forward to breaking the record with all RAMRs!!!


  • The tickets cannot be returned
  • All American Sunday terms and conditions apply
  • BIJVELDS organizes this NON PROFIT. All proceeds from these tickets go to American Sunday
  • Costs incurred for this official Guinness Book of Records attempt are paid by BIJVELDS
  • Numbers in signups are not made public due to the effort to get as many RAMs together as possible

Dogs are not allowed.

OPENING HOURS: 09.00-17.00
The event starts at 09:00, but for showcars the gates open at 08:00. The time when the record attempt will be held is not yet known, but will be sometime in the afternoon.

TT Circuit Assen
The TT Circuit is located at De Haar 9, 9405 TE Assen

If you come by car, follow the A28 and take exit 31A (Assen Zuid). After the exit, follow the signs TT Circuit. You will be directed to the TT Circuit car parks via special references.

This concerns the world record ‘Largest parade of RAM Vehicles’ (see source Guinness World Records), not the world record ‘Largest parade of Pick-up Trucks’ (see source Guinness World Records).

Guinness Book of Records – English Ticket