Hornblaster – Train horn



Hieronder staat de originele tekst staan van HORNBLASTERS. Iedereen kent natuurlijk de trainhorn als een ultieme gadget. De genoemde prijs is zonder montage al kunnen we die wel voor u verzorgen. Kosten totaal komen op EUR 1.950,- ex btw / incl montage. Dit is dan op onze hoogstaande kwaliteitswijze van monteren.

A train horn kit that can do it all and look good doing it, our Conductor’s Special 244K Nightmare Edition Train Horn Kit has been the go-to train horn kit for years. With enough volume to wake the dead and enough power to handle most light pneumatic jobs you can throw at it, our Conductor’s Special 244K is one of our most well-rounded kits and a solid addition to any vehicle.
Our Conductor’s Special 244K features our legendary Shocker XL train horns. Hand-tuned to the exact specifications of the US Train Horn Chord and packing just as much power as an authentic train horn, our Shocker XL train horns are the closest you can get to the real deal without having to spend thousands on a retired locomotive train horn. Constructed from an ultra-durable fiberglass-reinforced ABS composite with stainless-steel diaphragm and backed by a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects, you get a train horn that is not only insanely loud but ridiculously durable as well.
Of course, for horns of this caliber, you need an onboard air system that will keep up. With enough air to blast our Shocker XL train horns for up to 6 seconds, as well as handles most pneumatic applications such as air tools or tire inflation. Our Nightmare edition is powered by Viair’s 444C air compressor, recovers our 2-gallon 6-port air tank in a little over a minute. With hardware and instructions included, you get everything you need to get back out on the road and honking.
An increasing number of people are using this for more than just blasting horns! With a system like the Conductor’s Special 244K train horn kit, you can also use the air supply to: